A Community of Dedicated Supporters

Our 501(c)(3) nonprofit is called Mintahama Inc. and our purpose is to provide an amazing place to build connections to nature, leadership, service and skills in our community. This is our chance to make this legacy summer camp public for the first time in its history.

We will keep camp programs and expand to offer hosting community events, corporate retreats, and continuing education programs for all ages and groups year round.

DIY Fundraisers are so much fun. Do them family and friends and your neighborhood! Whatever you dream up, we can assist you with support and probably volunteers to help.

Email forcampmintahama@gmail.com if you have a fundraiser idea.

Sponsors commit to making an impact in our community. Supporting Mintahama makes a long-lasting impact as it expands to meet community needs in innovative ways. Clicking the link above to find out more about ways to be a Mintahama sponsor is a first step to a rewarding relationship.  Get in!!

Autotronics, Inc. is a woman-owned small business corporation founded in 1956.

Vicki and Calvin Cassady

Amy Osborn

Annette Jones & Jan Flesher

Judy Russell

DeAnna Reed

Valerie Fowler

Maureen Mitchell

Robin Standridge

Margaret and Donald Yocum

Candida Bacher

Andrea Schneider

Judy Robinett

Katy Martin

Michele Hill

Ashley Gould

Debra Messer

Janet Parrish

Lauren Stauffer

Shelly Adams

Ashley Benson

Joy and Ronald Boggs

Nancy Bonfield

Ryan Clark

Fawna Coons

John and Kerry Divine

Amy Duell

Amy Engelage

Penny Hagedorn

Theresa Colette Hebert

Krista Hill

Beth Hunt

Johnson Stump Removal

Angela Kincaid

Patty Lyons

Lisa Mellott

Jennifer Semar

Cristy Boomer Cole Short

Donna McCoy Shay

Angela Street

Denise Stout

Betsy Kassab Taylor

Susan Voros

Vangie Weems

Ross Westervelt

Lisa Williams

John Bradley Wright

Caroline Wroczynski


$1 -$99

Rachael Crofford

Carol Decker

Adrienne Devine

Misty Eavenson

Stephanie Farnum

Jan Foresee

Roni Grimmett

Karen Garver

Gina Jackson

Candace Jordan

Holly Legate

Becky Mitchell

Whitney Nellore

Vanessa Hatfield-Peterson

Tabitha Parnell

Susan Powers

Hugh and Myrna Robinson

Ida Faye Rhodes-Ogle

Cindy Goforth Tanner

Geraldine Walker

Jennifer Harris Wicks

Valerie Henson